Excersing is healthy

The Dutch children song of Kinderen voor Kinderen already stated it: “exercising is healthy”. When exercising for 30 minutes at once you are helping your body in fields of:

  • Lower the chance of a stroke
  • Protect your brain (in the planning and memory part)
  • Lowers the chance of diabetes
  • Lowers the chance of hearth diseases

Source: Hans Savelberg, head lecturer bewegingswetenschappen Universiteit Maastricht

Therefore it is wise to excersise, every day!

Are you struggling with this? Lucky for you we provide the solution! Each Monday till Friday, coach Tim (colleague coach via WZC Valkenswaard) provides an online training via Zoom at 10:00. The training is suitable for starting and advanced joiners. It does not cost anything, only 30-minutes of your time.

See you there?

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