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Update June 2020

As from June 2020 the choice is your: online or offline (with the rules in mind)!


Are you curious in how we can help you in achieving your goals or are you curious in our work as Healthy Lifestyle Coach? Please join our online sessions via Zoom! You can easily signup via the button below.

  • Thursday 20:00 > Nutrition & well being: working towards the best version of yourself.

I will join online!

We are there for you

Doe Maar Fit is focussed on you. The Healthy Lifestyle Coaches of Doe Maar Fit are committed to guide you towards your goal, being the best version of yourself.

Characteristics of Doe Maar Fit

1-to-1 coaching

No diet

Possibility to exercise in groups

An (online) community for guidance, inspiration and motivation

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What are your goals?

Weight control

Being under or overweighted can give you challenges each day. The right balans in weight, muscle mass and fat percentage will provide your body rest.

Results in sports

Improving the results of sports can be achieved by taking a critical look at nutrition. A personalised plan is key towards your improved results.

Improving sleep rest

Did you know that your body needs 7-8 hours rest per night? During this rest your body is starting, optimising, and cleansing different kind of processes.

More energy

With more energy you can accomplish more. When your energy level is not working properly it can lead to frustrations in daily life.


Stress is a mental problem that can cause many physical complaints.

More vitality

With more vitality, your body is stronger leading to a stronger internal "army (your defence system) which protects against viruses and bacteria.

Do you have another goal?

Good! Let us know what your goal is and together we will make a personalised plan to achieve it!

Each Wednesday | 19:00 | Fit Check

Sign up, without obligations, for a Fit Check (including informative presentation).

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Our way of working


Starting from day one you have a coach that is there for you! Besides your 1-to-1 appointments, your coach will be there to guide you digitally towards your goals.



Nutrition gives your body the nutrients it needs. By starting the day with a smart breakfast, your body will receive the nutritions it needs that will work for your body (instead of against!)


Exercising for 30 minutes a day will help your body to remain supple. For example, when you start walking you give your intestines a massage, that makes your intestines work better. Together with WZC Valkenswaard we provide several sporting activities a week.



Together is more fun than alone.

Thanks to your cooperation with WZC Valkenswaard we build a (online) community. During the week tips & tricks, recepties and inspiration & motivation messages are shared.


Healthy Active Lifestyle Coaches

Ben jij onze nieuwe coach?

Stuur ons een bericht en wie weet sta jij binnenkort hier!

Want to taste first?

Sure! No problem! Every first Wednesday of the month we host a Talk, Taste & Celebrate. A night where you can try out our delicious breakfast while enjoying a cup of thee (including a short informative presentation). Participating is free of charge.

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De thee staat altijd klaar!

You can visit us at Dommelseweg 148, 5554 NV Valkenswaard. The entrance is at the backside of the building.